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Investment Opportunity

Share in the burgeoning biologicals market

The global agricultural biologicals market had an estimated worth of US$5 billion in 2015. With a projected annual growth rate of 12% the market will be worth more than US$11 billion by 2022 (Source: Markets and Markets).  

This phenomenal growth is fuelled by an increasing awareness among farmers, industry and consumers that conventional agricultural practices have evolved an unhealthy reliance on synthetic chemicals and antibiotics.   The ever-increasing level of pest and disease resistance to chemicals and antibiotics, the declining effectiveness of conventional fertilisers in boosting on-farm productivity, and a multitude of detrimental effects on the environmental and human health has led the search for natural alternatives.  Fortunately, rapidly-advancing technology has allowed us to learn from, and harness, natural processes to address these problems.

Terragen Biotech targets products in a variety of agri-biotech markets.  Investment in Terragen Biotech is an opportunity to be part of this exciting phase of change in global food and fibre industries.

Value generation

Terragen Biotech’s near term approach for market ready products is to establish direct sales activity in Australia and New Zealand, generating immediate revenue and demonstrating the commercial viability of the products.  This will be leveraged, along with formal trial data, to negotiate access to global markets through licensing and distribution agreements with major international animal health and crop protection firms.

Our core intellectual property includes three main families of patents, as well as registered Trade Marks in many international jurisdictions.

A program of continual and collaborative research feeds a pipeline of new products as well as enhancements in testing and analytical tools.


Terragen Holdings is an unlisted public company. Having completed a highly successful capital raising in October 2017, the company has a capital worth of over $17 million. The funds will be used to advance the registration and commercialisation of Great Land® and Mylo in other parts of the world, and to complete additional studies to support development of the animal health and welfare products. The latter are expected to generate significant future value.