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Terragen Biotech attends the 3rd World Biostimulants Congress

11 December 2017
Over 1,200 delegates from more than 80 countries attended the 3rd World Biostimulants Congress in Miami, Florida, in late-November 2017.

While biostimulants are a relatively young product category in the field of plant or crop productivity, the category is fast growing with global growth of about 13% year on year and the worldwide market is claimed to be in excess of US$6 Billion.
Terragen’s Paul Scott and Martin Soust attended the Congress and met with representatives from other companies expressing interest in our work.  There were a wide variety of products and technologies presented at the Congress. It was apparent that the results we have seen in plant and crop production following the application of Great Land, and the research we have performed on the product, compared very favourably with those of other products in the same class.


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