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Great Land is a patented liquid biological soil conditioner containing live, naturally occurring bacterial species from the Lactobacillus and Acetobacter genera. 

The product acts to enhances soil characteristics that enable better availability and utilization of nutrients.  Great Land may improve yield, through changing the soil microbiome and enhancing root development, or improving the plant’s ability to withstand periods of abiotic stress.  

Further, Great Land can reduce the need for chemicals and fertilisers which benefits the environment and lowers input costs to farmers.

Great Land is produced under controlled, sterile fermentation conditions to build microbe populations which are blended with energy and nutrient sources needed to sustain the microbes. Every batch is QA tested for minimum microbe population levels and viability.

Great Land is used by conventional and organic farmers.  It is a certified input for organics in Australia and New Zealand and complies with the USDA National Organics Program (NOP).

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Great Land application is targeted to the plant root zone.

A typical application program is 10 litres of Great Land per hectare (paddock area), applied two to three times per season, during active growing periods. Methods commonly used are boom spray or fertigation.

Application rates, frequencies and methods vary between pastures/crops and growing conditions.

Best results are achieved when applying late in the day to avoid ambient heat, and prior to an irrigation or rain event which flushes Great Land into the plant root zone.

Before mixing with other products for application, refer to the Great Land Tank-Mixing Compatibility Register.

Contact Terragen Biotech or our agency partners for crop specific information.

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Storage and Handling

Storage and handling requires special attention to ensure the viability and performance of live microorganisms.

Containers are stored out of direct sunlight and the vented cap is retained, allowing microbes to respire.

Containers are agitated for thorough mixing prior to decanting, then diluted in preparation for prompt application.

Recommended shelf life of 6 months applies from production date to opening of the container.

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