Animal Health

Animal Health


Microbial Livestock Feed Supplements

Terragen Biotech’s studies undertaken to examine the feed conversion, weight gain and intestinal health effects in calves have led to the company’s development of a feed supplement known as Mylo®. Designed to improve health, growth and vitality of young animals, Mylo® was recently introduced to the Australian and New Zealand dairy markets and is now also used in adult milking cow rations

An aim of our current research is to use Terragen Biotech’s technology to create animals feed supplements that can either complement or outperform traditional additives such as vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids or minerals.

Commercial trial results to date have closely mirrored the outcomes of controlled studies. And, feedback from farmers is extremely positive as they record improvements in herd health and performance.


Terragen Biotech’s research into anti-inflammatory products for animal industries has focused on the prevention and treatment of dairy mastitis, a disease which is estimated to cost the dairy industries of developed global economies more than $6 billion per annum.

Our products in development have the potential to substantially reduce the massive losses in animal industries caused by inflammation, minimize the need for withholding periods during treatment and contribute to lower use of antibiotics.

Products are in early stages of development. The first studies in laboratory animals have only recently been completed. The results will be subjected to a review in order to determine the best pathway for future development.