Our Research

Terragen Biotech's Research

Terragen Biotech has a proud commitment to science, research and innovation. Our dedicated team of researchers come from a variety of professional backgrounds including biotechnology, microbiology, plant biology, agronomy and agricultural science.  We also collaborate with other research institutions in Australia and the USA to leverage a wider breadth of expertise and resources.

Our team continually delivers products based on sound science and takes pride in maintaining focus on relevance to industry.  We work with farmers to determine their needs and develop products to meet those needs.  Strict product quality standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process and we are continually improving our R&D and manufacturing practices.

Terragen Biotech’s new formulations — which aim to reduce the use of antibiotics and chemicals — are set to be game changers in animal health and crop production industries.

Beyond the laboratory, Terragen Biotech extends its research activities to the glasshouse, nurseries, field studies and commercial trials as an ongoing effort to build knowledge and demonstrate product efficacy.