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A smashing avocado yield result for Great Land!

18 July 2018
Significantly higher yield benefit of 10% was recorded for avocado trees treated with Great Land in a field trial at a well respected avocado farm in the Bundaberg region, Queensland. Harvested in May 2018, the yield gain translated to incremental revenue of $6,250 per hectare, after costs.

The replicated trial was independently overseen by Third Shed Pty Ltd and conducted in a paddock area of three hectares, with 600 avocado trees at 5 years of age.  

As the size grading of harvested fruit showed little difference between treatments, the significant difference in yield may have been derived from better flowering/fruit set and improved tree health to support a greater number of fruit.

For further details download the Trial Report here (updated August 2019).

Terragen Biotech gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support and collaboration of farmers in conducting trials.

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