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Future Food Asia Awards Outcome

25 May 2018
Of the ten finalists, there were two Australian companies. While Terragen Biotech had a stunning presentation and, by all accounts, showcased technology that excited a large number of attendees of the awards, it was CropOne, makers of biodegradable plastic ground films (and the other Australian company among the finalists), that won the award. Without a doubt, the CropOne product can make a very significant short-term difference to the environment.

In attending the awards Terragen Biotech had the opportunity to interact with the other finalists as well as several investment groups. From those interactions there were excellent product opportunities presented to us by two Indian companies. We will be talking with both of them to investigate collaborations. We also made several additional promising contacts, including a company that may well be able to help us produce animal health formulations. They can also assist with producing animal health product to service the Brazilian market.

Our presentation can be viewed here as slides, without sound, which supported a discussion with the judging panel. 

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