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Healthier, stronger calves for the Midfield Calf Rearing Operation.

The addition of a biological product to their feed has led to healthier, stronger calves in the Midfield Calf Rearing Operation in the Western District of Victoria.

The main rearing facility is based at the Union Station Woolsthorpe, where the calves from Union dairy and Cooramook dairy are sent, with a second rearing facility based at Mowbray Dairy, Winslow. In total between all the facilities over 4,500 calves are raised annually.

Annie Mclean, who heads the rearing program, said they use Mylo® everyday as part of their calves’ diet. It was first introduced after long periods in which calves were in poor condition and not gaining enough weight, despite having enough feed.

After adding Mylo® to their feed, calves showed a rapid improvement in well-being and there was a major turnaround over the next three weeks. Annie said they continued to use Mylo® to help improve the health of poorer calves and then in the autumn of 2017 decided to introduce it into their feeding program on a daily basis for every calf.

The difference in the calves’ general health was so significant that Annie decided in the spring of 2017, in the peak of calving, to back the product and start making Mylo® available in the afternoon to calves that were missing consumption of it in the morning. Once again the benefits were huge.

“I believed in the product and I’ve been proven correct as we continued to see calves in better health and growing well!”

Annie said that the calves which go out into the paddocks in mobs of 31 at around the age of four weeks are much healthier.

These calves continue to get fed Mylo® through the milk in the mobile feeders, after weaning it will be put on their grain if they have any health issues.

“The bottom line is that we are getting better calves, and the dairy will get better heifers,” says Annie.