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Our microbial feed supplement

Our studies have led to the development of a feed supplement known as Mylo®.

We've put a significant amount of research into feed conversion, weight gain and intestinal health effects in calves.

Designed to improve health, growth and vitality of young animals, Mylo® was recently introduced to the Australian and New Zealand dairy markets and is now also used in adult milking cow rations.

One of the aims of our current research is to use our technology to create animal feed supplements that can either complement or outperform traditional additives such as vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals.

To date, our commercial trial results have closely mirrored the outcomes of controlled studies. The feedback we’ve received from farmers has also been extremely positive, as they’ve recorded improvements in their herds.

Mylo® improves productivity and reduces methane emissions

See the summary from a recent Ellinbank study on Mylo® for cows:

Mylo Productivity and Methane Explanation Sheet
PDF (1.16 MB)

More Research, Trials and Testimonials

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