FAMI-QS certification

Organic certification

With increasing demand for organic food products and more knowledge around biological systems in mainstream farming, Terragen has incorporated organic certification standards for products in the forage, animal and horticultural markets.

Terragen products are certified as inputs for organic farming in Australia and New Zealand, including selected products being compliant with the USDA National Organics Program (NOP).

Terragen wins award at International Dairy Summit

Terragen was awarded first place for the the IDF 2023 Environment and Sustainability Award at the World Dairy Summit in Chicago, USA.

Our work entitled “A direct-fed microbial alters dairy cows’ rumen structure and reduces methane intensity” described findings from our foundational 13 Cow Study (2019). The Award is a step towards the study becoming peer-reviewed and published.

Key findings of the study include:

• Improved milk productivity of +3.3% average daily milk production.

• Reduction in methane production of 11% in the treated group.

• Reduction in the relative abundance of methanogens in the treated group.

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