We’re currently undertaking intensive genomic transcriptomic and metabolomic studies of our suite of bacteria.

Our studies help us better understand how bacteria affect functions like nutrient solubilisation, antimicrobial activity, plant defences, and plant immunity.

Understanding the genetics of our bacteria helps us determine how our products work. By profiling every gene in our bacteria, and determining their specific function in soil health, we can ensure we continue to meet the needs of our customers.

Plant biocontrol

Early stage laboratory research has provided results, showing elements of Terragen’s technology platform have anti-fungal properties. Our continuing research is focused on significant fungal diseases affecting large scale cropping industries such as cotton, potatoes, oilseeds, vineyards and melons.

See our results

Terragen’s proud commitment to science and innovation wouldn’t count for much if it wasn’t for the exceptional results we continue to see off the back of our research programmes. Our studies on Great Land Plus® show the soil conditioner boosts health and yield in just about any plant.

DISCLAIMER: Great Land® has evolved into Great Land Plus® over time as Terragen’s scientists have refined the concentration in the soil conditioner. Great Land® had an application rate of 10L/ha, while Great Land Plus® has an application rate of 4L/ha.

See some of our results below:

University of Queensland research data on pastures

The effect of a commercial probiotic on milk quality of dairy cows, 2016.

Ag Logic research data on lucerne

A seedling growth and vigour study, 2016.

Ag Logic replicated trial data on maize

Same soil type, flat topography, agronomic practices across all treatments, 2016.

Weedensol trial data on forestry

Evaluating the growth response of Great Land® in blue gum (Eucalyptus globulus) plantations, 2018.

Farmacist sugarcane trial

Determining the effect of Great Land® treatment on root development in plant sugarcane, 2018.

Bundaberg avocado replicated strip trial

To determine the effect of Great Land® treatment on harvest yield and grading of hass avocados, 2019.

Great Land Plus sees exceptional results at pasture trial harvests

How the product performed at its commercial field trial.

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