Terragen has a proud commitment to science, research and innovation. Our dedicated team of researchers come from a variety of professional backgrounds including biotechnology, microbiology, plant biology, agronomy, agricultural science and vet science. We also collaborate with research institutions across Australia, giving us access to even more world-class expertise and resources.

Our team continually delivers products based on sound science and takes pride in maintaining focus on relevance to the rural sector. We work with farmers to determine their needs and develop products to meet those needs. Strict product quality standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process and we are continually improving our research and development as well as our manufacturing practices.

Terragen’s formulations – which aim to reduce the need for antibiotics and chemicals – are set to be game changers in animal health and crop production industries.

Beyond the lab, our research extends to glasshouses, nurseries, field studies and commercial trials – part of our ongoing effort to build knowledge and demonstrate how effective our products are.

Animal Health

Our studies examining the feed conversion, weight gain and intestinal health effects in calves have led to the development of Terragen’s feed supplement, MYLO®.

Plant Health

We’re currently undertaking intensive genomic studies of our suite of bacteria to better understand how they affect functions like nutrient solubilisation, antimicrobial activity, plant defences, and plant immunity

Biologicals and Microbiomes

Microbial-based biological products are becoming recognised as keys to sustainable farming, reducing chemical use, and developing a healthier ecosystem for everyone to enjoy.

Research and Development

Terragen are global leaders in biological research and development. Our expanding product line is backed by evidence-based research, and we’re constantly progressing studies from the lab to the field for plant and animal applications.

Academic Collaborations

Terragen has a number of research and development collaborations in place to support further development of our agricultural microbial products.

Research Pipeline

There are several exciting research projects and products on the horizon. Find out more about what the future holds.

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