A patented liquid biological conditioner that improves soil characteristics.

Growing greatness.

Great Land Plus® helps farmers enhance soil characteristics, making nutrients more available to plants. It may also improve yield by changing the soil microbiome and enhancing root development, or improving the plant’s ability to withstand stress.

The soil conditioner is good for the planet – and your pocket.

Using Great Land Plus® reduces the farmer’s need for harmful chemicals and fertilisers, which benefits the environment and lowers input costs.

In an independent University of Queensland (UQ) study, cows grazing pasture treated with Great Land Plus® produced more milk and showed a reduced risk of mastitis.

Under controlled, sterile fermentation conditions, our conditioner created higher microbe populations – which blend with the energy and nutrient sources needed to sustain the microbes. Every batch is quality-control tested for minimum microbe population levels and viability.

Great Land Plus® is a certified organic in Australia and New Zealand and complies with the USDA National Organics Program (NOP).

Amplify nature to improve soil health and create crop growth benefits.

How to apply Great Land Plus®

Before applying Great Land Plus®, ensure your soil has a pH above 6 and below 7.5, and the soil’s organic carbon levels are above 2%.

Then, you can apply Great Land Plus® by targeting the plant’s root zone.

Best results are achieved when applying early or late in the day as this helps avoid ambient heat. Farmers should also apply before irrigation or a period of rainfall, as the water can help flush Great Land Plus® into the plant root zone. Be sure to refer to the Great Land Plus® Tank-Mixing Compatibility Register before mixing with other products.

The product has an application rate of 4L per hectare, which we recommend be applied three to four times per season, during active growing periods. Methods most commonly used are boom spray, fertigation or aerial spray.

Application rates, frequencies and methods vary between pastures or crops and growing conditions.

Contact Terragen or our agency partners for crop specific information.

Tank-Mixing Compatability Register

Terragen recognises its tank-mixing compatability register is not complete and could be expanded to include chemicals not on the existing list.

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Product SDS

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