Terragen harnesses the power of nature to create biological products that significantly improve animal wellbeing, soil quality and plant growth.

10.1% more milk.

9.6 days earlier to first insemination.

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A range of next-generation products – and a good dose of rural know-how – is helping farmers increase milk production, enhance soil quality, improve return on investment and naturally develop long-term sustainability.

MYLO® Calf

A groundbreaking formula that’s proven to improve calf health, and increase rumen development and weaning weights, giving calves an advantage from the inside out.


A groundbreaking formula that’s proven to improve cow health and milk production, giving them an advantage from the inside out while providing farmers a strong return on investment.

Great Land Plus®

Great Land Plus® accelerates plant growth making nutrients more available to plants. It may also improve the soil microbiome and improving the plant’s ability to withstand stress

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Since I’ve been using Great Land Plus®, my pastures are really even and the health issues are a lot less.

Gary Watson, Smithton, North West Tasmania

I believed in the product and I’ve been proven correct as we continued to see calves in better health and growing well!

Annie McLean, Woolsthorpe, Victoria

We feed MYLO® to our calves and it does really well in our system – especially when we mix it in with grain out in the paddock. Our calves are better condition-wise. We double dose them throughout winter to help with the wet and windy weather; and they have better weaning weights.

Anne Semler & Rene Ando, Willsmore Farms, Wandilo, SA

We started using soil conditioner Great Land Plus® to escape the cost of urea fertiliser. Since applying Great Land Plus® to our paddocks, our farmers noticed a lot of clovers return – which we lost from using urea over the years. We have also noticed a dark green and healthy colour in our grass and pastures.

Anthony Eccles, Purnim Holsteins Dairy Farmer, Western Victoria

I’ve been through some ups and downs with different products but this one really works well. It has the right amount and type of bacteria to do the job.

Geoff Atkinson, Howth, Tasmania

It’s hard to argue with the results. If you can get someone to try MYLO® and see what it does for themselves, and achieve one aspect of what it can do – be it the cell count, fertility increase, the utilization of what they’re eating better – MYLO® will cover its own cost year on year. If you’re getting multiples of those increases across all three, then putting it in your system is a no-brainer.

Chris Morris, Cyclone Trusts Farm Manager, Western Victoria

We’ve been using MYLO® in our cows for the last three months, after having a bit of trouble with our somatic cell count. So far, we’ve noticed a drop in the cell count and the cows have definitely calmed down on the platform. At this stage it’s going well and I’m interested to see how MYLO® goes in the herd over a longer period of time.

Danny Craven, Shed Manager, Craven Pastoral, Western Vic

With my cows on MYLO®️, my cell count has decreased. Usually at this time of the year it sits around 250,000; currently it’s at 150,000. I’m getting better feed conversion out of them; they’re eating less grass and producing more milk.

Nathan Chilcott, Farm Manager, Tasmania

I’ve noticed MYLO® has really increased our cows’ fertility and conception rates, with data from our collars showing a higher heat index when they’re on the feed supplement. Using Mylo® gives me more confidence in using sexed semen when joining my cows, while the increase in milk solids has also been a bonus.

Darren Vickers, Wyndara Farms, Dixie, Victoria

MYLO® is a handy tool in our toolbox and works well for us in our calf-raising system. It keeps everything going and ensures we’ve got happy, healthy and energetic calves.

Adrian Parkinson, Kirkstall Dairy, Western Victoria

We’ve done tissue and soil tests and there seems to be so much more nutrition in the grass. We are getting so much more out of it [Great Land Plus].

Jakob Franzenburg, Ballangeich, Victoria

Before last season when we started with Terragen’s MYLO® our cell count was about 240,000 and last season we have reached 154,000. That’s about a 86,000 drop and we cannot pin that 100 per cent down to Terragen, but we have not done much else different, so we are certainly saying that has helped.

Dairy SA Chairman, Andrew Cavill

Using MYLO® last year, I didn’t have as much illness within my calf pens. As well as supplementing my dairy calves, heifers and beef with Mylo®, I used it on my bobby calves – which has historically been a problem area – and did not have as much illness in them compared to recent years. Within the first two days, I noticed the calves were eating more and they definitely gained weight.

Deb Monson, Prime Value Dairy Trusts, Tasmania

Our cows on MYLO®️ are calmer, milk production is better and we notice less mastitis.

Anne Semler & Rene Ando, Willsmore Farms, Wandilo, SA

One year we had a 40 per cent increase in yields. The vineyard was just thriving. We put Great Land Plus® on at bud burst, flowering and post-harvest at a rate of 4 litres per hectare (per application). There has always been a vast difference between where we put it on and where we don’t. Generally, the vines are more vibrant, produce more colour and have better fruit set. The healthier vines that have resulted from the use of Great Land Plus® have also seen a better response to environmental pressures.

Rae Clark, Scoble and Macvale Vineyards, Coonawarra, SA

Research and development is at the heart of what we do.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we do in the research and development space. Our entire team shares a commitment to use science and innovation to improve farming practices and animal welfare across the globe.

We work with a range of leading research institutes to prove the effectiveness of our products.

The latest research and trials

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Independent research by the University of Queensland.

Great Land Plus sees exceptional results at pasture trial harvests

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Independent research by the University of Queensland.