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We’re changing the face of global agriculture through innovative biological solutions.

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Terragen's Latest Methane Results

Watch our video to see how MYLO® reduces methane emissions and lifts dairy productivity.

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Terragen harnesses the power of nature to create biological products that significantly improve animal wellbeing, soil quality and plant growth.

Our products

A range of next-generation products - and a good dose of rural know-how - is helping farmers increase milk production, enhance soil quality, improve return on investment and naturally develop long-term sustainability.

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Next generation technology and innovation

MYLO® is made with AmpliBoost® technology and innovation while Great Land Plus® is made with AmpliStim technology and innovation. Both are Terragen’s proprietary intellectual property - and being used to develop world-class biological products.

Research and development is at the heart of what we do.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we do in the research and development space. Our entire team shares a commitment to use science and innovation to improve farming practices and animal welfare across the globe.
  1. We develop solutions through science.

    Terragen delivers products based on sound science. We take pride in coming up with practical solutions that benefit farmers.

Research partners

We work with a range of leading research institutes to prove the effectiveness of our products.

The latest research and trials