Find out what the farmers have been asking us about Great Land Plus®.

FAQs for Great Land Plus®:

Q: Will Great Land Plus® improve my pastures?

A: Yes. when our customers are using Great Land Plus® to improve their pastures, they notice better plant health and increased productivity.

Q: Where else can Great Land Plus® be used?

A: The product can be applied to soils growing any plants.

Q: What is the withholding period for Great Land Plus®?

A: There is no withholding rate for Great Land Plus®.

Q: What is in Great Land Plus®?

A: Great Land Plus® contains the following species:
• Lactobacillus parafarraginis

• Lactobacillus buchneri

• Lactobacillus rapi

• Lactobacillus casei

• Acetobacter sp.

• Candida sp.

• Water, Potassium Humate and Molasses.

Q: What is the application rate for Great Land Plus® on pasture?

A: We recommend applying 4 litres of Great Land Plus® per hectare.

Q: What about application rates for other crops?

A: Seek the advice of your agronomist or your local Terragen sales representative.

Q: Where do I use Great Land Plus®?

A: We recommending target the plant’s root zone.

Q: When should I use Great Land Plus®?

A: We recommend three to four applications per year – avoiding the height of summer and soil temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius. The soil conditioner is best applied either early in the morning or late in the day, and rain events help flush Great Land Plus® into the soil.

Q: How should I apply Great Land Plus®?

A: The most common ways in which farmers apply Great Land Plus® is via boom spray, fertigation or aerial spray.

Q: Is Great Land Plus® a type of fertiliser?

A: No – it’s a biological soil conditioner.

Q: What other products can I mix Great Land Plus® with?

A: Ask your sales representative for a copy of our compatibility chart.