Independent liveweight study.

A 2019 University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science trial.

The trial found calves supplemented with Mylo® were 8% heavier at weaning, had more uniform weaning weights, and had heavier, better developed, gastrointestinal tract organs compared with calves not fed the supplement.

The trial:

Forty-four three-day old calves were split into two groups and housed in individual pens to reduce the risk of cross contamination with commonly occurring health ailments. The feeding regime for both groups consisted of milk replacer at 15% of their body weight, fed in a bucket twice a day, plus access to hay, grain pellets, and clean water through the study period. All animals were tube-fed colostrum on day one. The only feed additive or antibiotic added was Monensin, given to both groups. Mylo® was added to the milk replacer of one group.

The calves were fed for 56 days, consistent with the weaning age at the university’s dairy operation.

The results:

The calves fed Mylo® had accelerated development of gut structures, an increase in the surface area of the lining of the gut and were heavier.

Weaning Weight At 56 Days

Control Group: 69.18kg

Mylo® Fed Group: 75.01kg

Difference: 5.83kg 8.4%