MYLO®’s performance in a recent commercial field trial.

Exceptional results for weaning weights and rumen development.

Calves fed Mylo® on a 650 cow South Australian dairy farm weaned 7.7kg heavier, with costs lower per head and on-going growth differential beyond weaning.

The trial:

Calves are normally grown for a period of 70 to 90 days or until they achieve weaning weights of approximately 120kg per head. Two groups of 15 calves were monitored from 4 days old. One group was given 10mL per day of Mylo® in the same milk ration.

For comparison of weights between groups, live weights were corrected for calf ages at weaning. Average growth rate was estimated after deducting 38kg (average birth weight) from the live weight of each calf. The general health condition of the calves was observed and recorded.

The results:

Weaning Weight At 82 Days

Control Group: 105.13 kg

Mylo® fed group: 112.83 kg

Difference: 7.7kg (7.3%)

In addition, the calf rearers noted typical signs of better health in those fed Mylo®, including more energy, shiny coats, and stronger appetite.

Rumen Development

The abomasum, reticulum and duodenum were heavier in calves supplemented with Mylo®.

Autopsy Results

Duodenum with digesta: 87g

Abomasum without digesta: 450g

Reticulum without digesta: 357g

Rumen and intestinal development were more pronounced in the group fed Mylo®, with longer and wider papillae in the rumen and villi in the intestine.

Control: 1.31mm
Treated: 1.75mm
Increase: 33%