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Research Pipeline

Udder health

Terragen is developing a product aimed at improving the udder health of lactating cows.

Following extensive studies in our labs, a randomised, controlled study in dairy cattle was conducted at the University of Queensland’s School of Veterinary Science. The study results were very encouraging, which is why we’ve decided to conduct further animal trials, continue with product development, and ultimately seek regulatory approval for this veterinary product.


Our research into anti-inflammatory products for animals has focused on the prevention and treatment of dairy mastitis, a disease which is estimated to cost the global dairy industry more than $6 billion a year.

The products we’re developing have the potential to substantially reduce inflammation in livestock animals, minimise the need for withholding periods during treatment and contribute to lower use of antibiotics. The products may also play a role in managing inflammation in companion animals.

These products are only in early stages of development, but the first studies in lab animals have recently been completed. The results will be subjected to a review in order to determine the best pathway for future development.

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