Mylo is an Australian animal health innovation that boosts cow and calf health and productivity by adding active beneficial microbes to the animal’s microbiome.

Only Mylo...
- Is proven to actively reduce somatic cell count in lactating cows
Boosts milk production from the same feed while increasing or maintaining animal weight
Increases vitality and appetite in both cows and calves
Helps calves wean earlier at higher weights
Has results verified by the University of Queensland
Lower herd management costs and improved gross margins


Mylo® and Great Land are our commercially available products. Growing sales in Australia and New Zealand validate the technology platform.


Terragen Biotech products are available for purchase from a wide network of Retail Agency Partners.


Scientific rigour is at the heart of what we do. Our research program and product pipeline include new biocontrol products to address major animal health and crop protection problems.


With advanced technology and field experience, Terragen Biotech’s solutions aim to create game-changing opportunities by addressing unmet needs in agriculture and helping farmers in the profitable, sustainable stewardship of their natural resources - soil, water and air.

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A smashing avocado yield result for Great Land!

18 July 2018
Significantly higher yield benefit of 10% was recorded for avocado trees treated with Great Land in a field trial at a well respected avocado farm in the Bundaberg region, Queensland. Harvested in May 2018, the yield gain translated to incremental revenue of $6,250 per hectare, after costs.

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